Nursing school supplies list

Nursing school supplies list

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Nursing scrubs aka nursing uniforms are a must have at your new job or for nursing school clinicals. Some jobs and schools require you to wear a certain color. Medical Lab Coats Nursing Lab Coats! Nursing lab coats or jackets are another must have new nurses and nursing students need. It would be an understatement to say stethoscopes are a must have as a new registered nurse graduate or nursing student. In order to do your job as a nurse you must have  a stethoscope.

Okay so I said it would be an understatement to say a stethoscope is a must have for new graduate registered nurse RNs and nursing students but seriously nursing shoes are VERY important. So have you heard about nurses getting those dreadful varicose veins from being on their feet for too long? Nursing Compression stockings help prevent them. Along with your stethoscope you will need a blood pressure cuff as a nursing student and nurse.

I think pen lights are under-used in the nursing profession. They are easy to forget to buy but are so helpful in assessing your patient neuro status. Dressing Scissors for Nurses Nursing Scissors! Scissors are definitely a necessity as a new nurse or nursing student. If you are a new graduate new who has not taken you NCLEX yet or a nursing student you NEED a NCLEX study guide.

Also, be sure to check our my HESI and NCLEX study log I made. I passed NCLEX first try with only 75 questions. And remember, you can always sell your textbook when you are done in  most cases, and get most of your money back! So there is no reason not to buy one. A watch is another must have  as a nurse or nursing student.